The Grind


To share in more fun, Mocha Muse has launched its very own newspaper, The Grind, and is seeking content from readers. You may submit quotes, mini-flash fiction, poems, song lyrics, snippets of overheard conversation or fascinating facts about creativity/life.

The maximum word count is 160, so, this is a challenge in minimalism. Please visit the Contact Page to enter submissions. I’ll be posting one per week. This is a great opportunity for publication, so, please don’t hesitate. Here’s the first issue. . . just click on newspaper to enlarge, then continue to click until text is readable for you! The Grind It seems as though my craving for the external sensory aspects is, perhaps, right on track as far as creative triggers are concerned.

Recently, I read this article in Success magazine: Why Coffee Shops Boost Brainpower (Hint: It’s not the caffeine.)

When you visit your neighborhood coffee shop to jump-start your brain, the jolt isn’t just from the java. Turns out it’s the noise! A study in the Journal of Consumer Research tested participants at 50 decibels, which was a bit too quiet; 85 decibels, too noisy; and 70 decibels – the gentle buzz experienced at a hot-beverage purveyor – is just right.

The results confirm what many creatives, freelancers and home-based workers have long experienced: Exiting your normal routine is a better way to juice up your creativity and productivity than hunkering down all by your lonesome and trying to power through a problem.

— Mary Vinnedge

Of course, we’re limited to a virtual coffee shop and I can’t raise the decibel level to 70 . . . BUT . . . if we imagine the sounds in the background, perhaps, the Mocha Muse can be used as a place to break routine, loosen up some latent stories, roust memories, stir emotions, animate dreams . . . .

Also, come back every Tuesday for my blog entry and every Thursday for Little Beans of Wisdom. These are aromatic, and sometimes esoteric, nuggets of intrigue. Sometimes fact; sometimes fiction; sometimes folklore, but, always snippets of conversation overheard or read in the Coffee Shop of Life.

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