Little Beans of Wisdom


Little Beans of Wisdom - 5

Here’s an aromatic story to begin your day .  .  . a mythical tale of the origin of coffee from a faraway land:

Once upon a time, in an exotic land, in a country called Ethiopia, there was a fine goat herder named Kaldi, who suddenly awakened from a rather restless night to discover his goats behaving with somewhat balletic grace. One of his old bucks was kicking up dust and cavorting around like a kid goat and the rest of the herd, well, to be tactful, they were quite rambunctious.

Upon further investigation, he discovered that they were quickly and happily consuming the berries of a native bush. Still recovering from his fitful sleep, Kaldi, pinching himself to make sure he really was awake, decided that what’s obviously good for the goat must be good for the goat herder. He thus descended upon the bush with abandon, gulping berries with unbridled enthusiasm!

Soon he became full of vigor, completely forgetting his bad night, and joined in the happy dance with his goats. It would have been a sad thing that day if Kaldi had taken this discovery to his grave but, thankfully, fate took a much kinder twist.

One fine day a monk happened by to discover a mesmerizing ballet of sorts going on with Kaldi and his goats. In his astonishment, he questioned Kaldi in regards to the origin of such riotous celebration. Kaldi joyfully shared the story of the bush and the magical berries.

The monk, being a wise old soul, perceived the magical enlightening berries as a divine revelation of sorts, a gift from God as it were, solving his problem of falling sound asleep during meditation. He saw it as a way to help his brothers solve similar problems with focus and concentration desperately needed during long hours on the cushion!

He then spent many days experimenting with the cleaning, drying, and grinding of the berries and the making of a “tea”. Thus, Kaldi and the wise old monk, however inadvertently, gave the priceless gift of coffee to the world!**

And the Mocha Muse gives you the last drop of magic to start your day.

(**This story was inspired by my memory of a tale from Lakota Coffee Company and several other sources that spoke of a mythical goat herder.)

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