Little Beans of Wisdom


Little Beans of Wisdom - Blue Brushstroke & Blue Beans


This week blue has emerged as a spontaneous color-theme, so, I’m going to follow its current.

I had a vision of blue coffee beans and then I saw this photo. Such synchronicity caused me to wonder: why not? Roasted coffee beans on wood and blue sky on black coffee in a g

So, I did a little research and found something delightful .  .  . there is such a bean and it’s known as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. As suggested by its name, it’s literally grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This exotic variety of bean is noted for a mild flavor and lack of bitterness.

Over the past 20 years or more, this coffee has developed an international reputation for its seductive quality. Needless to say, it’s highly sought after and expensive.

Apparently, Japan benefits the most – importing over 80% of all Jamaican Blue. And in Tokyo, it reportedly sells for $10 a cup. So, for the rest of us, Jamaica Blue remains an exotic rarity, which excites me. I love a quest for the uncommon – the blue diamond; the blue moon; the blue coffee. Such a lovely triad.

In addition to brewed coffee, this bean is the flavor base of Tia Maria coffee liqueur. Yum! An essence favored by my taste buds.

Traditionally, only coffee grown at elevations between 3000 and 5500 feet can be called Jamaican Blue. Any lower an altitude and their value decreases, rendering them known as “Jamaican Low Mountain.” (I’ve lived in mountain altitudes for most of my life, so, this little nugget brings a smile to my face .  .  . Yay altitude, I’ve always suspected that it makes us hearty and savory!)

The region between Kingston and Port Antonio is where the highest mountains in the Caribbean nest, and, they provide the perfect climate for nurturing these finicky little coffee berries both slowly and lovingly.

With the combination of cool, misty air and high rainfall, a rich soil with excellent drainage is created. This duo of climate and soil is considered ideal for high quality coffee.

Now, I can’t say for sure if the beans have an actual blue hue to their skins, but, I choose to fantasize them as Caribbean Blue. Even if the brew in the mug is just a reflection of the azure island sky .  .  . I’m willing to suspend belief and indulge in a secret island adventure. Cafe on the beach

How about you?

**Resource: Wikipedia – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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  1. The topics (tropics?) that you write about–and in this edition, the Blue Coffee Bean from Jamaica–are as intriguing and entertaining as your prose and photos are lovely and apropos. I have started following your fun and delicious coffee-infused blog recently, and look very forward to your periodic posts each week. Do I dare say that you have converted me into a ‘caffeine addict’?


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