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I love this use of The Dress controversy. (Remember the one posted on Tumblr by a 21-year-old singer from Scotland that Broke the Internet?!?) Well, it was re-cut into a moneymaker for the coffee shop counter culture. Yay!!

I don’t know the results of the experiment, but, if I find out which color scheme won, I’ll let you know. For now, though, the researcher claims that this spontaneous study reveals that we can’t fully trust our brains. They alter our perception in order to keep things consistent. Memories are even less reliable, she states. I find it fascinating how much neuroscience is becoming real for people through this seemingly innocent post by one curious woman seeking fashion feedback.

The Dress … and tips!  Psych study being run by local coffee shop: Relationship between color perception and tipping behavior.

Just for the record: My eyes must be ambidextrous, if that’s even possible!! I first saw white & gold. Then, the dress morphed into blue & tobacco-brown.

Anyone else?

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  1. LOVED how this became a coffee counter culture too, jayni. My memory is totally unreliable. I don’t remember what I saw the first time but depending on the website, I’ve seen it both ways. Today’s peek at the linked page you shared reveals itself to me as blue and sepia. I enjoyed the “owner’s “reveal” on the Ellen Show too – was sweet to hear the story from her perspective.

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    • Isn’t it funny that a coffee shop got involved in The Dress controversy!?! However, when I think about it, coffee shops generally reflect or predict national discussions . . . so . . . from this perspective, it’s pretty logical. Thanks for sending the link. I’ll check it out!

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