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Little Beans of Wisdom - Sunburst with Bean-Star

Purple Coffee Beans and the Colors of Anxiety



In my second post  of this Little Beans of Wisdom series, I explored the origin of coffee through my version of a folktale based in fact.

I found a shepherd frolicking with Woodstock-induced goats to be enchanting. And this very intimate connection with the romps of retro-bohemian life coiled my mind with a scarf of jaunty colors.

The vision inspired me to imagine coffee beans as more diversely colored that mocha-brown. Let’s say: Blue, for beginners.

So, in the third post of Little Beans of Wisdom, I theorized about blue coffee. And a little research revealed that it exists. On the blue Caribbean island of Jamaica. Perfect!

By now, I’m starting to think: Rainbows.

How about purple coffee beans?

Well, by golly, it’s back to the exotic land so far away, the land called Ethiopia. Seems that in the forests of the southwestern highlands, an indigenous shrub produces coffee cherries that mature to purple. In order to be taste worthy, these must be “hard-purple” beans, which have a higher sugar content than “soft-ripe” purple.

I’m guessing that “hard” means a muscular brew. Something with a robust flavor that would jolt the bursting biceps off of Popeye.

In other words, a high level of caffeine resides inside purple, along with sugar.

And this is when anxiety crawls into the story, because one of its primary triggers is caffeine. (Remember those rambunctious goats??)

My delicate constitution is such that caffeine unzips its tiniest sensitivities and turns them inside out. It unravels me beyond goat-romping status.

Sad, because I find the aroma, and now, the colors of coffee to be so exquisitely enticing that I yearn to indulge.

When I find myself on that brink, I go peripheral and visit a coffee shop, instead. I drink the vicarious fragrances and sounds, and find that I’m inspired to write or be creative in some form of expression.

So here’s my hypothesis: I’m a sponge-sucking empath who inhales the vibrational energy and color of coffee, and, since I’m naturally prone to anxiety, that bouquet is transformed into an urge to create in order to subdue anxious tendencies.

It’s a survival mechanism in my soul.

Some further observations . . . after engaging in a creative act, I frequently note that anxiety was not present. Some anecdotal support for the theory.

I also “feel” the days of the week in terms of tranquility levels. Tuesdays are aquamarine. Calm and smooth as butterscotch. Good days for solitude and contemplation.

Sundays are royal blue or royal purple. Regal. Days as plush and safe as velvet. I love to dive into a good book and swim between the elegance of its beautiful language on Sunday afternoons.

Saturdays are red. Often too devoid of structure, they have a tendency toward spawning unease in my heart.

So, this all seems to add up to me being a bit of sponge. But, I make it my own in some way, shape or color.

When I opened this virtual coffee shop, I never imagined what thought-detours I’d take. Seems that exploring the world of coffee has given me a rainbow to pursue with insights galore.

What secrets are held in an innocent white porcelain cup with steam rising from its hot spring of healing? I’ll keep investigating.  Cup of coffee isolated on white

*Reference: Wikipedia

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  1. Fascinating! I love hearing how your week is ordered by color. I’d never heard of that so you’ve given me a fresh way for considering what type of day this one, or that one, is. I was very engaged by (and nodded my head in agreement with) your visits to coffee shops as a creative outlet. I’d not considered the aromas as direct stimuli for creativity, but it all makes sense of the intrique of coffee shops as creative muse. Thank you, jayni!

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