The Grind


Mocha Muse has its very own newspaper, The Grind. It may contain a quote, a poem, song lyrics, snippets of overheard conversation or fascinating facts about creativity/life. So, leather sofa in Home Interiorsnuggle into the sofa, unfold the paper and reach for your morning cup of coffee. 

Cigarette Pack - Write.No.Smoke.

.  .  . bedbugs, and garlic and [false religion] .  .  . Smoking stupefies a man, and makes him incapable of thinking or writing.”

The wisdom of a great writer. The words of the brilliant man who authored Faust: Goethe.   Newspaper (7-13-2015) Goethe's Least Favorite Things

I think he says it all .  .  . no smoke; just aromatic coffee to stimulate our literary language!

I don’t know about you, but, I kind of like a gentleman who speaks his mind clearly. Honesty can be pretty darn sexy.

Your thoughts?

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