Java Jolt – Encore Presentation


Billboard - Clines Corners, NM

Why Coffee Shops Boost Brainpower

(Hint: It’s not the caffeine.)

When you visit your neighborhood coffee shop to jump-start your brain, the jolt isn’t just from the java. Turns out it’s the noise! A study in the Journal of Consumer Research tested participants at 50 decibels, which was a bit too quiet; 85 decibels, too noisy; and 70 decibels – the gentle buzz experienced at a hot-beverage purveyor – is just right. The results confirm what many creatives, freelancers and home-based workers have long experienced: Exiting your normal routine is a better way to juice up your creativity and productivity than hunkering down all by your lonesome and trying to power through a problem.

— Mary Vinnedge  Success magazine

This piece was originally posted when I launched the blog in April 2015. I want to encore it because a generous reader introduced me to a website that offers ambient noise from coffee shops, which endorses for the results of the study cited.

Take a ride on the noise machine and see if it generates some caffeine-free creativity! Or just sidles up as your companion while browsing through Mocha Muse.

If you wish to play the coffee shop sounds anytime you visit, go the Home page: “Welcome to Mocha Muse Coffee Shop!” In the last paragraph, click on the link “ambient enhancer.” You’ll have to control the decibel level, but, see if you can create the right buzz for reading and/or writing. And please let me know how it works for you!

With very special mocha thanks, and, a frothy heart on top to: Tom Rains!!!

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