Whimsical, Wizardly Wisdom


Wizard Text


I’m no wizard. Just a fledgling and an aging poet sometimes inspired by a whimsical inner wizard .  .  .  .


Crustose lichen


Rock Stillness

The carnival days of youth

No future but the present.

Joyriding in open-hooded cars

Convertibles of two-toned pastels

with vanilla leather seats

Colors young and soft and innocent

no longer mine.

Now I choose deep, bold colors

colors with saturation of wisdom

and experience

and longevity.

But how I long sometimes

for those convertible days

those rapidly shifting ways of being.

I’m rock stillness now

I dress in moss-feathered fur coats

and wear lichen-splattered jewels.

The archival grace of aging.

Your thoughts?

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