Tomato Theatre


Tomatoes - Animated


* For anyone unfamiliar with “Jersey Tomatoes,” they are the deepest red, densest, beefiest, most delicious fruits of their kin. Grown only in New Jersey, of course!


** For anyone unfamiliar with Hellman’s and Duke’s – Hellman’s is the Blue Ribbon mayonnaise served primarily in the North. Duke’s spread is a cult following in the South. Since I’ve lived on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, I have my opinion. But, I don’t want to split the divide .  .  .  .


***A classic Jersey Diner?

A gleaming silver railcar, or a fading glory, in bondage to asphalt. Serving old school Americana food: burgers, fries, hotdogs, homemade pies .  .  .  steaming hot black coffee. Diner - Fading SilverAmerican DinerOne of the definitions of my childhood!

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  1. Oh, my. I should NOT have read this before breakfast. Now my mouth is watering for a juicy beefsteak tomato inside a BLT, slathered with Hellman’s. Actually, you know what? I could do without the B & L and just go with a tomato sandwich. Yum!

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    • No indulgence yet due to no tomatoes in the house, though if my schedule for the day wasn’t already set, I would have been enroute to the fresh farmer’s tent down the road to snag a bag of tomatoes. I cannot get the idea of that sammie out of my mind! Thanks for planting those seeds, jayni!

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      • You are very welcome, Debra!! I’m jealous that you have a fresh farmer’s tent down the road from your home – I want one out here in the desert!!! Hopefully tomorrow you’ll have a free moment to buy some tomatoes and indulge . . . enjoy regardless.

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