Black, White, and Bowie




Recently I decided to color my hair in black and white stripes.


Then David Bowie died.


That tall, lithe, ballerina-bodied man full of stardust. Sometimes carrot-haired; sometimes blonde. Always exploring his inner cast of characters. Always the man hiding inside the costumes. The eternal story of a misfit unfolding.

He once said that being human was boring. He wanted to be superhuman.

And normally I might flinch at such a statement. Think it arrogant. Cast off the speaker as megalomaniac.

But Bowie had the redemption of honesty. He went on to say that he found his passion repulsive. That ego-drive repelled him as much as it drove him.

And I loved that.

He had balance. He had the fearlessness to self-probe with a scalpel. He had the generosity of spirit to share his shadows with us all.

The stage was his confessional.

So, when I masquerade in my own wardrobe of lies, I’m comforted by recalling his guts to globally expose quirks, deceits, contradictions .  .  . and transform them into compelling art.

Even his death was a provocative work of art.

He’s left me pondering: Who will face the armoire, open the door on the right, and raise the alabaster-bodied Lazarus from the dead?

For me, though, he didn’t die but in body – wrapped in gauze with buttoned eyeballs. Just his soul-smoke oozed out into orbit.

And I smile at this thought every time I glance in the mirror and see my awning-striped hair. 


A beatific grin of joy warms my heart. It’s the perfect way to celebrate my personal, and far more private, life as a misfit.

It consoles. It gives assurance that I’ll always have this one gloriously galactic companion as I gaze into the deep; into my own strange.





This fellow soul of the black-sheep flock.


Namaste Mr. Bowie.




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  1. Hi Honey!

    I finally found this Blog Post of yours that I thought I had lost, and, am I thankful that I did!! The ‘Search’ feature actually does work.

    What a beautiful tribute you’ve written about this iconic man, singer, personality, and gift to humanity. You did him such wonderful justice with, yet again, just the perfect selection of words to express your heartfelt thoughts.

    Mr. Bowie would have been honored, I’m sure, by your descriptors of him, just as I imagine, your zebra-esque hair is grateful to be growing upon your thoughtful head.

    I Love You, Sweetie! Hub-a-Dub

    p.s., I don’t know if you will receive this comment via that crazy email address that popped into the “To” line above, so, just in case, I also sent it to your earthlink address, as you can see.


    • Amazingly, I did receive both messages at both addresses. How strange this system!
      Thank you, My Darling, for your kind words. I do, indeed, hope that Mr. Bowie is honored in the tiniest of ways from this invisible little person who has looked up to him for decades!!
      ZebraHead thanks you ~ jayni

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  2. How did I miss this post, Jayni? I read so much after Bowie’s death and wrote some stuff too, but this is really unique and beautiful. You capture his essence so perfectly. Thank you.


    • Thank YOU, Mary! It’s so nice to hear from you again and I’m deeply touched that you enjoyed the post on Bowie. He surely affected my life in powerful ways….and now….I have Leonard Cohen, Mose Allison and Leon Russell to lament. So Sad. But, death is life and I’m learning to let go of my loved ones and mentors with each passing day.
      I was so thrilled to read your post about the Women’s March on Washington. If I were still living on the East Coast, I’d join you. As it is, I’ll be standing beside you, and all my other sisters, in spirit.
      It’s mind boggling what’s happening to America, and to many other countries. Seems as though we’re living in retrogressive times. All for a purpose, of course, but, DAMN, I can only process one major cultural/political shift at a time!!
      Blessings to all of you who carry the torch ~ jayni


  3. It really is mind boggling, Jayni. And yes, so many of our greats have passed on this year. It’s been a rough one on so many fronts. It’s very hard to process, but I do try to believe there’s a purpose. Some days that’s easier than others. Blessings to you as well, and I hope you have a lovely, peaceful holiday. xox

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