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The Grind


Mocha Muse has its very own newspaper, The Grind. It may contain a quote, a poem, song lyrics, snippets of overheard conversation or fascinating facts about creativity/life. So, leather sofa in Home Interiorsnuggle into the sofa, unfold the paper and reach for your morning cup of coffee.


Here’s the twenty-first issue. . . just click on newspaper to enlarge, then continue to click until text is readable for you!




The Grind - (8-24-2015) Rhythmic Coffee Spilling


In my experience, waitressing can be a dance. A form of art in motion. A balancing act with a tray of plates or a single coffee cup perched in the palm of a hand.

It may look like drudgery to the untrained eye, but, actually it can be transformed to performance art.



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