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The Grind


Mocha Muse has its very own newspaper, The Grind. It may contain a quote, a poem, song lyrics, snippets of overheard conversation or fascinating facts about creativity/life. So, leather sofa in Home Interiorsnuggle into the sofa, unfold the paper and reach for your morning cup of coffee.

Here’s the twenty-second issue. . . just click on newspaper to enlarge, then continue to click until text is readable for you!




The Grind - (8-31-2015) Wanted Understanding Ear


I’ve not been a fan or follower of Stephen King since his earliest novels, however, this quote presses me into thought. The idea of writers not being bereft of stories to tell, but, rather, the tragedy that’s created when a wordsmith fails to find an empathetic ear.

It’s haunting. And, so true, I believe.


**Quote: Stephen King (Different Seasons)